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The Malunggay Book

Miracle plant ~

The Malunggay Book is all about the wonders of malunggay or moringa (Moringa oleifera)—that almost ubiquitous, humble plant growing on your neighbor’s small backyard or the island in the middle of the road.

Malunggay is rich in Vitamin A and contains four times more Vitamin A or beta-carotene than carrots. It is also a good source of Vitamin C and calcium. Malunggay leaves are also said to contain twice the protein content in milk.

Malunggay carries a long list of health benefits. It also doesn’t put a heavy dent on a homemaker’s purse.


The recipes in this cookbook highlight the delicate-tasting malunggay—whether as soup, viand, snack, or beverage. They were developed by a dedicated and hardworking pair of chefs, Day Salonga and Mon Urbano, the spirit behind the food consultancy partnership called MonDay Chefs.

Recipes, all so easy to prepare, cook, and enjoy, include Malunggay Mayo, Malunggay Herbed Butter, Creamy Mushroom Soup with Mint, Halaan Malunggay Soup, Malunggay Rice, Steamed Malunggay, Dinengndeng, Malunggay-Carrot Marmalade, Malunggay Crepes, and Iced Tea with Malunggay.



Proceeds from the sale of The Malunggay Book will be used to continue moringa farming and feeding programs in the Philippines spearheaded by World Outreach Foundation (http://www.worldoutreachfoundation.com/programs/moringa).


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