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Edgie Polistico

A collector of vintage and modern dictionaries, both of local and foreign literatures, Edgie Polistico’s interest in lexicography began when he desired to improve his vocabulary while in high school way back in 1984.

After a year of moving to Manila in 1996, he got a job that required him to travel across the country. Thus, he got to know more about the rest of the Philippines by exploring and dealing with locals.

In 1995, he started to work on his first dictionary, the Edgie Polistico’s Cebuano-English Dictionary. Through self-study, Polistico also created a database, wrote codes, and designed a software application of his first digital dictionary. To improve this digital dictionary, he even went back to school to study more about computer programming.

At last in 2008, he combined all food words and culinary terms he already had in his dictionaries. The result was the first copy of the Philippine Food, Cooking, and Dining Dictionary (Anvil Publishing, 2016).

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