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Raymund Isaac

Raymund Isaac is one of the country’s famous fashion photographers. He has been commissioned by local and foreign brands for their advertising campaigns. He has a long list of works for fashion magazines including foreign titles like Glamour & Beauty and Elle.

With his more than 35 years in the industry of photography, and his dazzling artistry, consistent excellence in and ardent dedication to his craft, Raymund Isaac will not be tagged the country’s first “Celebrity Photographer” for nothing. Another reason for the moniker is his working with a wide array of local and international stars—Paris Hilton and Tom Cruise from Hollywood, and Judy Ann Santos, Sharon Cuneta and Vilma Santos in the local showbiz scene—to name a few.

With a Communication Arts degree from the De La Salle University, Raymund started out as an assistant photographer for Nap Jamir II, also a director and cinematographer; and Neal Oshima, an award-winning commercial, editorial, and fine art photographer. Raymund has received awards locally and abroad—he was the Overall International Winner for the Glamour and Beauty category of American Photo Magazine in 2002. He has produced books, music videos, advertising campaigns, and images that have been hallmarks in the advertising and photography fields.

Presently, Raymund is president and resident photographer of his very own Portfolio Photography and Studio, Inc. Aside from the profession he is best known for, Raymund is also an art director, production designer, image-marketing consultant, photography teacher, writer and contributor to two major daily newspapers, creative director for major clients, and activist for various charitable causes.


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