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Don’t Tell My Mother by Brigitte Bautista

With an overly zealous mother as her guide, 19-year-old Sam has never had problems navigating through Christian suburbia before. But, all that changes when she befriends and becomes intrigued with Clara, her widowed neighbor and the village’s social outcast. When their friendship grows into the “unnatural”, Sam is forced to examine her upbringing and come to terms with who she really is.


About the Author

Brigitte Bautista


Brigitte Bautista has been writing stories since she was eight years old.

In high school, she was the Editor-in-Chief of the school paper at St. Paul College in Parañaque. She also represented the school in several writing competitions. Her writing journey took a backseat when she pursued an Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree in University of the Philippines – Diliman, but she quickly got back into it after college.

After countless first drafts—and a ridiculous, what-was-I-thinking Palanca submission—Brigitte chanced upon Anvil Publishing’s #SparkNA workshop online.  She penned her first novel, Don’t Tell My Mother during the 6-week course.

Brigitte is a huge sports freak. Moreover, when she is not chained to a desk writing software code, she writes lesbian fiction and poetry.



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