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Paula Zayco Aberasturi

Paula Zayco Aberasturi is a lawyer by profession with a deep passion for the written word. Since 2009, she has written extensively about sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship, backyard farming, and food forest gardening. Together with her husband, Nicolo Aberasturi, she owns a flower farm, a vegetable farm, and a cattle, hog and chicken farm in Bukidnon, as well as a homestead in Laguna. The farms provide them with a bounty of produce, which are tended through their brand DowntoEarth.

Since 2011, they have offered practical backyard farming workshops: integrating sustainable agriculture, food forest gardening, and homesteading for farmers, urban gardeners, enthusiasts, and folks dreaming of growing food. She is a mother of two and lives in a food forest in Laguna, surrounded by nuts and fruit trees, citrus bushes, vegetable beds, roots, climbers, and vines, and coexisting with chickens, rabbits, worms, and bees.

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