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Crimetime: Inspector SJ Tuason Case Files by Maria L. M. Fres-Felix

“Maria L.M. Fres-Felix’s Crimetime is everything a crime thriller should be: fast-paced, baffling, enigmatic. Yet she offers more by way of mystery using time-tested techniques in storytelling. The language is austere, clear-cut, yet no less admirable in that it grabs the reader by the hair and drags the same right into the very thick and center of a secret that is slowly unfolding. Even at the very start, the reader has no choice but to consent to being a live audience. She is definitely at home with the literary noir genre.”

—   Joel Pablo Salud, Editor-in-Chief, Philippines Graphic and author of The Distance of Rhymes and Other Tragedies

Fres-Felix’s cozy mystery is a collection of short stories reconnoitring bizarre cases of homicide: “Photobomber,” “Scar Wars,” “Bruised,” and “A Death in Looban.”

In “Photobomber,” protagonist SJ Tuason investigates the strange murder case of a con man whereas in “Scar Wars,” the female investigator delves deeper into the death of a Star Wars cosplayer.

Tuason goes on to probe the mysterious deaths of girls in a Kyusi suburbia in “Bruised.” Lastly, In “A Death in Looban,” she solves the cases of a young matinee idol killed in the slums and the death of her own father.

 Beneath the glitz and glamor of Kyusi, the country’s City of Stars, there lurks insidious violence. In four thought-provoking and thrilling stories, dauntless lady crime fighter SJ Tuason combines brain with brawn as she seeks to solve the cases of an ex-financial scammer murdered in a public park; a Queen Amidala cosplayer left dead among talahib; faceless corpses in abandoned places; a young matinee idol killed in the slums; and the long-unsolved death of her father.

But given outmoded equipment and the overpowering patriarchy, will the victims ever get justice?


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