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Layag: European Classics in Filipino by Jaroslav Olša Jr.

It’s no secret that Europe has the most amazing places rich with beautiful architecture, unparalleled history, and amazing culture. It may be one of the smaller continents, but what Europe lacks in size, it makes up for in aesthetics.

In this pioneering anthology, Anvil Publishing, in cooperation with Czech Ambassador to the Philippines Jaroslav Olša Jr. and the Manila cluster of European Union National Institutes for Culture, takes Europe closer to the Filipino readers.

All translated into Filipino, this collection features short stories from Nobel Prize for Literature laureates such as Italian Luigi Pirandello and Polish Henryk Sienkiewicz. It also showcases works from other global all-time favorites—Austrian Stefan Zweig, Czech Karel Apek, French Guy de Maupassant, and German Erich Kästner. Literary virtuosos of national literatures from Denmark, Hungary, Slovakia, Spain, and Switzerland are also included.

Layag: European Classics in Filipino is now available for P350 on our online store and at all National Book Store and Powerbooks Store branches nationwide.

More than five centuries ago, the first Europeans set foot on Philippine soil after miles upon miles of sailing the world’s then-impassable oceans. Now, it’s the Filipino who gets to explore unfamiliar territory through Layag: European Classics in Filipino.

This pioneering anthology of  works translated into Tagalog, spearheaded by the European Union National Institutes of Culture (EUNIC) – Manila, gives us a glimpse of the rich tapestry of European literature—from the myths and legends of Central Europe to the timeless tales of the West.


About the Editor

Jaroslav Olša, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the Philippines, is also an author of books and articles on history, culture, and literature of Asia as well as historical relations of non-European countries with the Czech Lands. His works have been published in the Czech edition of National Geographic, Nový Orient (New Orient), Světová literatura (World Literature), Mezinárodní politika (Foreign Policy), and Mezinárodní vztahy (International Relations).


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