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Updated: May 23 , 2019

Anvil Publishing, Inc., the publishing arm of National Book Store, is an eleven-time Publisher of the Year awardee as cited by the Manila Critics Circle. It aims to popularize books and reading by publishing trade books for different Filipino audiences, and making them available and accessible, highly attractive and engaging, and therefore competitive on store shelves.

To date, Anvil is the biggest and most progressive trade books publisher in the Philippines. Founded in 1990, it publishes a wide range of books and makes them easily available in different formats—print, e-book, and audiobook.

We at Anvil are always looking for opportunities to publish great books.

Before submitting your manuscript, we suggest downloading our editorial and production guidelines to introduce you Anvil Publishing, the types of books we publish, and the editorial and production guidelines we strictly adhere to.


So You’ve Got What It Takes

If you want us to read and evaluate your work:

Submit to us a hard copy of your complete manuscript and a query letter to our head office, c/o the Editorial/Publishing Department.

The Editor
Editorial Department
Anvil Publishing, Inc.
7/F Quad Alpha Centrum building,
125 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City 1550,

You also have the option to submit your manuscript via the submissions form below.  When you submit your work, please include the following:

  • a formal query letter (see required format below),
  • a chapter outline of your manuscript,
  • your CV, and
  • your contact details

Make sure to include in your query letter the following:

  • a brief introduction of yourself and your author platform,
  • a synopsis of your manuscript,
  • the word count of your manuscript,
  • your target reading market, and
  • a brief explanation of why you think Anvil should publish your work.

Do’s and don’ts and things you should know

  • Anvil Publishing accepts proposals in English and Filipino-language fiction (any genre), poetry, nonfiction, cookbooks, children’s books, biographies and memoirs, travel, religion and spirituality, business, reference, self-help, photography, and illustrated books.
  • Allow us at least 90 days from your submission date to get back to you. Rest assured that we are receiving your manuscript. In that case, we will be unable to respond within the 90-day period.
  • Do not send manuscripts via our e-mail address as it will only be used for answering queries. Manuscripts sent through this e-mail address will not be entertained. Similarly, manuscripts sent through an editor’s e-mail address will not be considered unless requested.
  • Sending messages via e-mail/social media or calling our editorial hotline within the 90-day period does not hasten your manuscript’s reviewing process.
  • Anvil Publishing is not a printer but a traditional publisher. You should not send us your self-published book for distribution because that’s not what we do. We buy the publication rights to your works (manuscripts) and publish them.
  • We only read manuscripts with these word counts:

Teens: 55,000 to 80,000
Fiction and non-fiction: 60,000 +
Poetry: 100 + poems

  • Make your target reading market as specific as possible. Describe your audience (e.g. demographics and psychographics—age group, gender, profession, location, interests, behaviors, etc.).
  • Your query letter will either make or break your book. When writing a business query letter, cut right to the chase for you to be able to sell your manuscript to us. You are basically pitching a book proposal—make sure you study other successful query letters. Follow the format we require.
  • Mention your author platform. Have a blog that garners a hundred thousand page views a month? Have a strong social media presence? Please do not forget to include them as we would like to see how well you connect with your readers.
  • Keep a copy of any material you send our way. We do not return any documents sent to us.
  • Do not send us a manuscript you have already submitted for consideration elsewhere.
  • Submission is every first quarter of the year with a deadline on the last working day of March.
  • In the event that we haven’t responded within the 90-day period, either your manuscript . . .
    • Might still be under review. Due to the volume of manuscripts we receive, we might not get to yours immediately.
    • Might have been rejected. Anvil editors do not rely on literary agents to filter through thousands of submissions, so they can only read the best ones that interest them (further reading). Additionally, your submission might not have adhered to the strict guidelines stated on this page.
  • Strictly follow our guidelines especially about following up your submission.
  • The rules and guidelines of this submissions page might be updated and/or changed without prior notice.
  • We advise you to check our website, blog, and our social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for announcements about changes in schedules.

Author Platform

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