About Anvil Audio

Each of us is getting busy nowadays. Sometimes, a day is not enough for us to pursue the things we love. When we go to school or work, when we battle the boredom at commute, or when we wait for the long queues . . . imagine the time we could use for other things! There has also been a bombardment of media to consume our minds that we forget our love for reading. Sometimes, we don’t get to read anymore. Because we, at Anvil, is committed to support the love for reading, we came up with way to cater to us all busy heads.

We are excited to announce our newest imprint—Anvil Audio.

Audiobooks are considered the fastest growing format in publishing. They are nothing new and they have been here since in the past decade. However, they only found traction in this digital age. It’s only a matter of time before they will become a boom in the Philippines. As the biggest and the most progressive trade books publisher in the country, we are bringing you this format—FIRST.

What is Anvil Audio?
Anvil Audio is the audiobook imprint of Anvil Publishing. It publishes the best Filipino fiction and non-fiction audiobooks in digital format. The first of its kind in the Philippines, it introduces a groundbreaking way on how books are enjoyed by Filipino readers—listening.
So, what?

As an audio division of Anvil, you will get to listen to audio versions of select Anvil books! How cool is that? Imagine, you get to be immersed in a book while doing something else; you get to be read by talented voice-over artists—be it theatre actors, radio hosts, or celebrities; you get to commit to your reading goals of a hundred books per year; and you get to love the books you might have once hated.

Great, I’m sold! Where can I see your audiobook titles and where can I buy them?

It’s basically something new in the Philippine publishing landscape and we still have to grow our audiobook catalog. In the coming years, as the format evolves, you might expect the surge of audiobook titles we will produce.

In fact, we just produced one. Our first audiobook, Dear Universe: Poems on Love, Longing, and Finding Your Place in the Cosmos by Pierra Calasanz-Labrador and read by TV and radio host Joyce Pring is now available for purchase.

In general, our audiobooks will be sold to 15+ stores and digital libraries worldwide. Just look them up on your Apple App Store or Google Play Store, download the apps, and pay using credit or debit cards.

How to buy on Audible?

If you have an Amazon account and a valid credit or debit card, you can use them to buy an audiobook on Audible.

Wait, wait. How about Spotify and Deezer?

Currently, we don’t offer our audiobook titles on Spotify, Deezer, and other music streaming services because these services only cater to music.

Where can I play the audiobook titles I purchased??

You can play them on any existing device you have—iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, PC, or Mac. Just make sure you download the apps first.

Can I play the audiobooks on iTunes?

Yes. First, download Audible Download Manager on your PC. This will put the audiobook titles you purchased to iTunes. Second, go to your Library and download the audiobook. Third, authorize your computer by entering your Audible login credentials. Lastly, open iTunes and select “Audiobooks” under the drop-down menu. You can now play the titles you purchased.

How much would it cost to buy one?

Print and e-books are different from audio, so you might have to spend just a little more to download an audiobook. The prices will depend on the title and can range from USD 9 to USD 30 per download.

I want a physical copy, how I do get one?

Right now, the physical editions of our audiobooks are available for purchase on Amazon.

Amazing! So what can we expect from Anvil Audio in the future?

As what we stated here, the format is still yet to penetrate the local publishing scene. So, we ask you to support our offerings this year (we have many!) by buying them on the retailers aforementioned. By doing so, we will see that you’re responding and we will produce more audio titles for you! Sounds good?

If you have questions regarding Anvil Audio, feel free to send an e-mail to contact@digital.anvilpublising.com.

Happy listening,

The Anvil Audio team