All My Lonely Islands

All My Lonely Islands

eBook: $9.99
Genre: Best Sellers
Publisher: Anvil Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 272
ISBN: 9786214201679

What sets Ms. Campilan’s award-winning novel from the work of her peers is its incisive, poignant take on the experience of young Filipinos struggling to find their place in the world. Crisanta, raised in a foreign land by parents who chose to work abroad, comes back and finds herself having to reintegrate to the local culture. All My Lonely Islands delves into this Filipina’s psyche, and seeks answers to difficult questions of identity and belonging.

author of The Jupiter Effect

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About the Book

One crisp March evening, Crisanta and Ferdinand arrive on the remote Batanes islands for a mission: locate Graciella, whose son, Stevan, they saw die in a tragic accident a decade ago. But they need to confess something to her: Stevan’s death is not all what it seems. Oppressed by a decade of painful memories, Crisanta and Ferdinand must race against time—from the wild swamplands of the Sundarban forest in Bangladesh to the back alleys of Manila to the savage cliffs of Batanes—to offer Graciella the truth that they themselves cannot bear to face.

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About the Author
VJ Campilan

VJ Campilan is a business writer by day and novelist by night. She was first published in UP Diliman’s literary journal, Likhaan, for her short story, “Real Dhaka.”

All My Lonely Islands is her first novel, which started as a writing exercise in her MFA Fiction Class.

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