Frequently Asked Questions

Online book orders and shipping

1. Are published prices fixed?
Prices of our books, as published on this site, are subject to change without prior notice.
2. Do you ship all over the world?
Approved orders are shipped through Anvil Publishing Inc.’s partner courier, Quantium Solutions. Orders are dispatched on the next business day following the day the order was confirmed to the customer. We can only ship to particular countries outside of the Philippines. Following are our shipping rates per area.

**All shipping charges in Philippine pesos. Shipping charges may change without prior notice. Transit time to some counties may take longer than the specified transit time.

METRO MANILA Shipping Charges
2 to 3 working days
WeightCharge Rate
0-1 kg89
Above 1 kg – 2 kg129
Add on /per kg40
PROVINCIAL Shipping Charges
5 to 15 working days
0-1 kg139139
Above 2 kg – 3 kg299299
Add on /per kg8080
Express Mail: 5 to 7working days
CountryCountry ZoneUp to 0.50 kgUp to 1 kgUp to 1.50 kgsUp to 2 kgsBeyond 2 kgs add on per 500 kg
Hong Kong11,4501,6801,9102,130150
Korea, South21,9852,1802,3652,550175
New Zealand42,4052,8653,3353,785325
Papua New Guinea83,6104,3855,1655,940575
Saudi Arabia83,6104,3855,1655,940575
South Africa95,4556,4457,4358,425800
Sri Lanka42,4052,8653,3353,785325
United Kingdom62,9053,4704,0404,605500
3. How long will my order take to arrive at my doorstep?
For Metro Manila, orders for delivery within 2 to 3 working days from the process date of order. For provincial areas, it will take 5 to 15 working days from the process date of order. For select countries outside the Philippines, it will take up to 7 or more working days.
4. I can’t find a book title in the catalogue. What happens if the book I want to buy goes out of stock?
Availability of our books in the catalogue is not guaranteed. If you can’t find a particular title using our website’s search tool, the book might be out of print. Titles that are out-of-print or those that are currently being reprinted do not appear in the catalogue. Don’t worry because we are constantly finding ways to reprint or re-issue beloved Anvil titles.

If an order will not be available within 72 hours or is out of stock, we will advise you via e-mail or call if and when the item will become available or if Anvil has discontinued selling the item for whatever reason.

5. Can I change my order?
You can always change or even cancel your order as long as you haven’t finalized your shipping option. Orders already in the shipping process cannot be changed. The website allows you to review your shopping cart and all details for shipment before you finalize your order.
6. I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I just use my credit card?
Yes. But this will still be processed by the PayPal gateway. There are no additional costs to you for using this gateway.
7. I don’t have a credit card. Can I pay in cash or by cheque? How about wire transfers?
Yes, you can pay in cash or by cheque. As soon as you confirm your order, we will e-mail you our bank details so you can deposit your payment to Anvil’s account.

Scan/take a photo of your deposit slip and your cheque (if by cheque) and attach to the e-mailed “Order Confirmed” form you received from, with a short note from you as a standard reply to the e-mail. We will only issue these forms via the said e-mail address. Orders issued using a different e-mail address will not be accepted.

For now, we don’t accept wire transfer of funds for purchases online. If this is the only way you can pay for the books you’d like to purchase, kindly call our Sales and Marketing Department (4774755 locals 801 or 802).

We have a special delivery option for our 24th anniversary online sale (January 17 to February 28, 2014): Cash on Pickup. This means you can order online and choose the “Cash on Pickup” method of payment. Click the “Pick Up from the Office” option as shipping method when prompted. We will call or e-mail you once the books are ready for your payment in cash and pick up from our office. We will only be able to hold your book orders up to 7 working days. If you do not pick up within those 7 days or if you do not contact us to re-schedule, we will cancel your order immediately.

8. I want to return a defective book.
If you would like to return a book purchased from the website due to product defect, we shall facilitate a replacement. However, we will not refund shipping and handling charges. We will not assume responsibility for and shall not be liable for any damages whether direct, incidental, special or consequential, arising from the handling and delivery of books by the authorized courier. Please be assured that we shall  immediately coordinate with the courier responsible for the shipment, to properly compensate you.

Please advise us via within 7 days from the receipt of the defective book, of your intent to return it, including the corresponding reason and a photo of the actual product defect. We will not replace the book beyond the 7-day window.

9. I have more questions and concerns about my order or ordering online.

That’s easy. Just e-mail us at or call us at 4774755 local 801 or 802).