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Trade Books

celebrates creativity and individuality through its collection of titles on photography, visual arts, film, architecture, and fashion.

shares practical insights and tips, even inspiring stories, on establishing businesses and making them grow amid the changing environment, policies, and trends of the entrepreneurial and economic world.

brings you timeless texts from the literary greats, with reimagined covers and insightful and critical introductions by well-respected writers. These timely reissues affirm their esteemed place in Philippine literature to continue to inspire and excite a new generation of readers.

features titles on the latest and the greatest in the showbiz arena.

showcases a wide range of fiction and creative nonfiction titles—literary fiction, mystery and suspense, crime, fantasy, historical, and romance—by award-winning Filipino literary greats as well as emerging new talent.

adds flavor to the art and science of preparing, cooking, and enjoying food and drink with its repertoire of cookbooks and other culinary references and food literature anthologies.

Our roster of nonfiction titles provides insightful, practical information in various fields of knowledge as well as inspiring, exciting real-life stories.

are essential reads that provide rich information for the modern reader—titles on architecture, entertainment, health and wellness, and world events.

Our titles on physical and psychological health and well-being are your perfect companions to a holistic, healthy lifestyle.

makes reading about Philippine history as enjoyable as reading regular fiction, with its roster of meticulously researched and expertly and engagingly written books―whether reference materials or leisurely readings― on the different events that have shaped the cultural and political landscape of the country.

showcases witty, clever, hilarious, and undeniably relatable life experiences shared by Filipino authors from various fields.

seeks to feed the soul, strengthen faith, and encourage and inspire people and to help others do the same.

narrates relatable experiences and gives insightful advice about parenthood and keeping good family ties.

celebrates people whose lives have made a deep, lasting impact on others in their respective ways through its roster of inspiring biographies and memoirs of great people—artists, entrepreneurs, leaders, social advocates, heroes, and even simple yet brave souls.

Insightful, practical advice for everyday life, for a better you.

comes out as Anvil Publishing’s LGBT imprint, pushing boundaries and seeking new definitions on gender.

celebrate contemporary love and romances that will certainly give readers a colorful range of “feels.”

offers titles catering to various hobbies, becoming the readers’ perfect companion to unwinding from the daily grind.

Children’s and Teens

Anvil Starters boasts of a wide range of big and colorful picture books, activity books, and read-aloud books that appeal to early learners in educational and fun way.

These books develop literacy and numeracy skills and impart engaging stories that help communicate important themes and values.

Anvil Kids offers an exciting list of middle grade novels, chapter books, biographies, illustrated story books, and graphic novels for independent readers.

These books will help develop comprehension skills, an improved reading habit, and values in young learners.

Anvil Science features a series of science books that spark curiosity and encourage learning about the world we live in an exciting way.

These books are perfect educational tools for teaching science in the classroom or at home.

Anvil Teens showcases a broad array of fiction titles that address social themes and complex issues relevant to contemporary teen readers.


We at Anvil Education are finding ways to constantly develop Kto12–compliant titles in keeping with the Department of Education’s new direction for students in Philippine schools. We continue to harness both expert and fresh talents in coming out with titles that cater to all levels: from kindergarten to elementary to junior high school, and senior high school. We provide college textbooks and reference materials that encourage learning at its highest level.

Anvil Education. We shape minds.

Digital and Audio Publishing

Anvil Audio publishes the best Filipino fiction and non-fiction audiobooks in digital format. The first of its kind in the Philippines, it introduces a groundbreaking way on how books are enjoyed by Filipino readers—listening.